Aside from the obvious choice of fishing in our beautiful waters, the town of Emu Park boasts some picturesque lookouts & walks for all to enjoy. There is also an array of shopping available. Why not try some of these activities whilst your here:

Great Keppel Island

Great Keppel Island covers almost 1500 hectares and boasts 17 beautiful white sandy beaches. It is the perfect day trip or weekend getaway experience. Visitors can go swimming, snorkeling, scuba-diving, kayaking, bushwalking and much more.

The Singing Ship

The Singing Ship commemorates Captain Cook’s Bicentenary in 1970 and marks his discovery of the bay in May, 1770. Set against a spectacular coastal vista of blue seas and Great Keppel Island in the distance, the memorial represents the billowing sale, mast and rigging of Cook’s ship, the Endeavor. Concealed organ pipes use the sea breezes to create a unique musical sound.

The Centenary of ANZAC Memorial Walk

The Emu Park ANZAC Commemorative Precinct features integrated street-scaping, parkland enhancement, artwork and interpretive memorial walkway. The most impressive regional memorial of its kind in Australia, the Precinct has received national and global recognition for its simplicity, beauty and likeness to ANZAC cove.

Emu Park Historical Museum

Emu Park Museum is located in Hill street in the main Emu Park township. It is well worth spending an hour or so to take a look at some very interesting exhibits and local history. The museum houses a vast collection of railway paraphernalia such as old buildings, trolleys and models, including a working model railway.